Video Creation

video creation

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is animation with a story board that revolves around the product that the company is selling and in some cases the services that they have to offer. This helps in attracting more audience as visuals appeal far much more than the written materials.


Have a product to sell? Need to convey the true benefits of your product to the existing and probable consumers. It is important that they are enlightened about the true qualities of the product. This can be easily done through an explainer video. Consumers tend to overlook details written on the written advertisements and it is where the company starts to lose its charm. We offer high quality explainer video creation that not only portrays the message. The explainer video creation services offered by us are exemplary, we have a set explainer video creation process through which each explainer video has to undergo to reach perfection.


We use a number of excellent software’s or explainer video creation tools to create these explainer videos, like Auto desk Maya, Adobe after effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator , Anime Studio and many more. We have dedicated team of experts who are creative and have out of the box thinking this helps in creating unique storyboards that help in attracting customers.