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Data is the key to success but you need a method to translate the complex and intricate numbers into an easy-to-understand language. Qualitative Analysis is one way to achieve it. However, it is not a job of a layman, you need professionals to analyze your data and draw the big picture. Our dissertation Writing Services have the right team that can help you in conducting Qualitative Analysis. Our team will aggregate, clean and code datasets and deliver descriptive stats for all the variables. You can expect results from our dissertation Writing Services in the form of standard deviation, frequency, mean, median and direct/indirect relationship between different variable. We can offer you SPSS help, ANOVA help and MINITAB help. Do not worry we have a very capable team who knows how to present the results. We will report to you in a manner that you will be able to understand the tiny trends and patterns as well as the big picture. Also, our report will be so easy to understand that even a layman can get the idea. Our Qualitative Analysis will assist you in taking major business decisions. We are ready to discuss your unique business needs and explain how our Qualitative Analysis will enable you with the power of data.

Dissertation Writing Services


Students find it hard to work on Literature Review and require helpful dissertation Writing Services during graduation. They have exams, a social life, maybe an internship and then this Literature review and dissertation. Of course, it becomes extremely hard to pull off everything at the same time and get a good result. Well, if you are going through the same phase in your life, our dedicated dissertation writing services team can assist you. We have a team of highly educated people who can help you in writing literature review because they have experience in your specific field. We also provide dissertation writing help, thesis help, hypothesis formulation and literature review assistance. We have different modes of working. You can choose to be part of the process and give your input as we go or you can simply give your thesis or dissertation to us and we will complete it to perfection on our own. Do not worry, we stay with you even after the completion of the project until it is approved and accepted at your university. Usually, when we provide dissertation writing services, thesis writing help or literature review assistance or SPSS Help, it gets passed by your committee members in the first attempt but if the revision is required, and our help with dissertation writing is there to enhance the assignment until it gets approved. We deliver our projects within 3 to 4 business days.

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Market Plan Development
Trend Analysis
Market Research
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Concept Paper Assistance/Research Proposal

Concept Paper/ Research Proposal are dreaded by the students, even more than the actual research. The chances of rejection are too high. Also, it seems almost impossible to pick a topic and work on it. If you are going through the same phase, our dissertation writing services can help you with creating a perfect concept paper for dissertation or a research proposal. We do not have a rigid way or a method set in stone when it comes to our research paper writing service or thesis writing help. We like to work as per the wishes of our client. A dedicated resource will be assigned to you. Regardless to say you will get a chance to work with an expert in your field. And then you are allowed to lead the way. If you have something in mind then our expert will help you in continuing your concept. Or if you are struggling to find a topic then our expert will guide to an interesting subject in the field. It is important to remember that concept papers and research proposals are part of our daily jobs. We are familiar with many schools. In the end, we will help you figure out the topic, hypothesis, method, and literature review for your concept paper or research proposal. Professional associated with us also help in preliminary Business Research and Market Research. Final draft will also be crafted by us. So what are you waiting for, get in touch ASAP by emailing us at sales@onebposhop.com for all kind of dissertation writing services.

Dissertation Editing

It is one thing to write a dissertation and completely different task to edit it. We have come across so many students who wrote their dissertation but took our Dissertation Editing Services. It seems like a legit thing to do because editing requires a fresh eye that can pick out the flaws without any bias. We have been providing Dissertation Editing Help for so long. The plus point is our experts are in the flow and we know the rules and regulations of different universities and research journals. When it comes to editing, whether it is related to financial projections, literature review or primary of secondary market research, we have a very rigid process that comprises of a 200+ points checklist. Each dissertation has to pass the checklist before it can be considered edited. We usually assign an expert from our Dissertation Writing services team who works with the client one-on-one. Dissertation editing becomes a very interesting subject that often results in sharing of knowledge and a perfect Research Paper which is ready to be submitted. In case you are wondering how we charge our dissertation editing services or for complete dissertation writing services, there is no fixed price. After assessing the nature of work, we quote very reasonable cost that is just for our part of work. We acknowledge all the work that you have done and do not try put a claim on it. Please do contact us at sales@onebposhop.com for dissertation editing.