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Dissertation Consulting - Writing Services

In addition to our dissertation writing and editing services, we also offer dissertation consulting. This special service is for those students who like to do their own work but requires a bit of assistance for getting it right in the first attempt. Usually, students tell us what they need and our expert helps them in writing as well as Financial Projections. But if we have to put in words then we provide dissertation consulting in the following areas;

  • Selection of topic
  • Background research
  • Literature review
  • Hypothesis and research questions
  • Dissertation editing
  • Defense preparation
Dissertation Consulting
Dissertation Consulting

Apart from general writing consultancy our team has edge in generating the following reports:

Market Research
Business Research
Financial Projections
Market Plan Development
Trend Analysis
Financial analysis

Our dissertation writing services do not end at the submission of your dissertation, we are there to help you in case your research committee give you trouble. Our dissertation writing service We help with dissertation on the grounds of our years of experience. We have helped hundreds of students get published in research journals with our expertise. Our dissertation writing help has led many pupils to their PhDs. The cost of our dissertation consulting fee will definitely surprise you. Considering the fact that one of the experts will stay with you until the end, no matter how much time it takes, we ask for a nominal fee. If you want to know more about our dissertation consultancy, feel free to mail us at sales@onebposhop.com